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Festive Collection



No: 40 : 
Bombay Postal Code

40 stands for the first two letters of the postal code of Mumbai( BOMBAY) and so is our LOT NO: 40 which depicts the reference of BOMBAY COLLECTION which was introduced in BOMBAY during the British Era and that’s how we came up with the idea of giving it a number 40


Enjoy smelling the subtle scent of Indian Masala Tea from the lush fragrance of a single garden of Assam originated from SEAJULI Tea Garden for all tea lovers around the globe.  



 A 100% Organic tea, traveling right from the Assam’s tea garden to your cups and stupefy you by its astonishing fragrance which takes you to the parallel world. We trust it begins with amazing quality leaf, with the consent to naturally unfurl and completely spread out its Flavours and Aroma. Not squashed and packed into a little sack (that is simply brutal). So pull out sometime, lay down, inhale, and make the most of your tea.  


Sip, Gulp, and Just be... 




The juvenile leaves from the second flush of June and July harvest, are being plucked and processed along with the seductive fragrant of Indian Spices, which are dried cherries of cardamom, cloves, spicy-sweet cinnamon seeds, and ginger roots, as well as the ‘’King of Spices’’ BLACK PEPPERCORNS, brewed in a cup of tea to keep you sound.