Is the packaging material biodegradable? Is there any attribute to which we can attach the utmost importance other than quality packaging?


Of course, we care to deliver essential quality and yes, our packaging material is biodegradable.  The material we use for packaging is made from the environment-friendly kraft paper, primarily Wood Pulp. The package will fully biodegrade in 90 days when in perfect compost conditions -66° Celsius and 85% moisture. The decomposition depends on the level of microbes in the active compost. Wood pulp for sack paper is made from softwood by the kraft process. The long fibers provide the paper its strength. 


Is your tea organically grown? 

Some of the teas that we source are purchased without a certificate yet organic as we don’t consume organic as the primary filter for purchasing teas since it limits it constrains our capacity to approach the most ideal scope of teas. Being on the ground in the countries of origin where we buy tea enables us to survey the creation procedure from the culling of the leaves and blossoms and the reap of the barks and roots that are utilized in delivering our blends, just as perceiving how the workers are treated. All sources that we buy from work their ranches and their collection of botanicals in a sustainable manner, perceiving that nurturing the soil and the plant is the best way to produce an economic harvest. 


Do we use pesticides in the growing process?  

A significant lot of our long-term providers likewise sell items into the European Union, which has significantly more rigorous recompenses for build-ups than does the United States. Our black and green teas represent all EU consistent, and even in certified natural items, there are stipends for hints of herbicide and pesticide build-ups. In the exceptional end of the tea class, makers have discovered that by maintaining a strategic distance from the utilization of pesticides they not only save money as well as guarantee that their items won't be held at the port of entry around the world. 




How much caffeine is in a cup of TEACO’S? 

The caffeine content in the tea will vary from plant to plant and from season to season. Caffeine and it are related compounds, are used as the tea plant's natural cover against insects. In such conditions like air and ground moisture, available sunlight, average temperature, and growing density will affect each tea plant distinctly. Normally, all our teas will possess barely 1/3 the amount of caffeine than coffee and all of our herbal infusions are caffeine-free. 


Pay on Delivery 


is accepted for orders within India. Excess charges are applied for COD(cash on delivery) 50rs* (subjected to change on total MRP) 

COD is offered for orders with an invoice value above Rs. 1000 only.